Ayako Tani Glass Art mail
For Home 1/
Cup of Two
Year 2011
Media Lampworked borosilicate glass, fine silver, wood box with LED lights
(H.W.D cm)
15 x 13 x 36 cm

The client’s request was for a sculpture for his wife which they could enjoy looking at in their living room. The client liked the intricate look of my work in the Drawing memory series, as well as the light and shadow effect of Folks!. And, the most thrilling request was for five calligraphic letters: あいしてる in Japanese (meaning “I love you”), devoted to his wife.

Regarding this request, I chose a pair of tea cups as the main sculpture representing the couple. Above the cups, I laid elegantly curved three lines which might be steam lines from the tea, easing music flowing on the floor or the couple’s voice either talking or singing. At the other end, there is a miniature piano made of fine silver, and the promised five letters are landing just beneath. The box top has four LEDs and the little switch is placed on the lower side. The box wood is African Padauk which is often used for furniture and guitars, and the deep and warm colour adds the stylish outline to complete this piece.

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